Morgan Ashurst

Mandalay House & Tudor Hall School

Thank you for helping us achieve ‘Perfect Delivery’ on both Mandalay House and Tudor Hall School. The Trust and Governors are highly delighted with the projects, handed over on time and snag-free.
John Bennett, Area Director

Knowles & Son

Denham College, Marcham

We write to express our gratitude for the way your company dealt with the above contract, from design through to completion. As always the quality of the installation, and the manner in which your staff worked, was of the highest standard.
Roy Blakey, Contracts Manager

National Trust

Tyntesfield House

Just a quick note to all of you to say thank you for making Sunday such a success. The visitors loved the opportunity to talk to the guys doing the work, to climb the scaffold, have a go at tiling and masonry and see the particular difficulties of getting a project like ours delivered. All the pipes and switches, glass, tiles and stone right in front of visitors really inspired people.

I was really impressed by the way all the trades showed what they do and interacted with the visitors. Watching kids lay tiles, clamber on diggers and have a go with a mallet and chisel was really great.

We saw lots of smiling faces and the property was really buzzing which was a great way to end the season.

Please pass on my thanks to all the people on site on Sunday and those who weren't there but helped put displays together etc. I am sure it was the first time for many and they really rose to the occasion, hopefully they enjoyed it as much as the visitors.

Thanks again and please pass my thanks to all the guys who made it possible.
Tim Cambourne

St Edmund Hall College, Oxford

Library Project

I would like to express my gratitude for the way you and the team at Haysham's carried out the rewiring project in the main Library at the college. Projects such as these, in old, listed buildings are always going to be challenging, however, the professionalism shown by everyone at each stage of the project ensured that these were dealt with efficiently and effectively.

The installation team worked conscientously to bring the project to a satisfactory conclusion. The quality of their workmanship is excellent. They were always courteous, helpful and willing to conform to college protocol. A colleage of mine told me that if all contractors were like Rob and his team, his life would be a lot simpler.

Rob, in particular, should be congratulated for a job well done under some very frustrating circumstances.

His skillful management of the project, with your support, helped minimise the delays caused by supplier error and ensured the project met the specified time constraints, and should be commended.

Thanks once again, and I would be grateful if you could pass on my comments to all concerned.
Kevin Ward, Estate Manager